Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Alex Lightman, and I’m currently an undergrad student studying Media Production in the Department of Critical Media Practices at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have always had a large interest in technology, and my interest in media sparked when I turned to YouTube to share my technology skills. My YouTube channel produced over 300 tech related videos, but also got me into video production to begin with. Since starting my YouTube channel I have had the chance to work on many types of non-tech related content, some of which can be found below. Through my interest in media and technology, I taught myself a useful set of skills, and I now have the opportunity to study media production at a higher level.

Some of the skills I have learned are as follows: Extensive video editing in Final Cut Pro 7/X, and Premiere Pro CC. Photo editing/manipulation in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Basic animation in Adobe After Effects. Website development (basic HTML and CSS knowledge), and Squarespace. Camera operation: Recorded video for countless projects, experience as live sports camera operator, on-field camera operator, video for snowsports. News: Director of high school live TV news program, graphics and camera/graphics switcher.